Recaps of 2013 - May @ Saturday, January 11, 2014

Bought my first modern necklace. I like it, but is it my style? I have lots of jewelry but only tend to wear the small delicate pieces, a certain set of them.

Theatre. This is Beth who will be playing Claudia in the play. 

Tony Le Pony - Eggs Florentine 

I think poached eggs are kinda magical, they look fascinating and I love it when the yolk oozes out as you slice into it. Can you guess what I ordered? 'Eggs Florentine', which is poached eggs served on a bed of wilted spinach (Did you know Popeye helped boost spinach sales?) atop half an English muffin, with a generous serve of Hollandaise Sauce ladled over the top. It was great, definitely recommended. The sauce was very rich and creamy, almost too creamy without a drink for me. The greenery on top is chives, which jas ate, while I believed it was deco only. :P

Dinner with Andy. Raspberry soda, love this drink, though I rarely have it. 
It's a syrup/soda water combination. 

Worked at the Mother's Day Classic. 

VIP Night at Chadstone. About Yoghurt had a BYGOF promo.

At PA I discovered Glasshouse's Tahaa, Vanilla Caramel. It was amazing!

Went to the Opera. 

Experimented with Oreo Cupcakes. 

Melbourne Central Shopping Festival - May 

Afternoon Tea at Lindt. 

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